Angry Patrons Radio : Episode # …?

Posted: July 21, 2011 by Angry Patron (James) in Angry Patrons Radio

This one’s from James:

Having talked your ears off once already, Monet and I return with new vigor and touch on such topics as Las Vegas, artistic statements, selling yourself as an artist, NY’s Sleep No More, Penn & Teller, audience participation, the Philly production of That Pretty Pretty’s industry night surprise, and announce the first play to be workshopped on APR.

Once again we demonstrate the Skype recording application we’ll be utilizing to make the podcast possible. The idea of course is to workshop scripts without the participants even needing to be in the same state. More information HERE.

As you listen, you’ll hear the sound quality isn’t horrible. In fact it’s quite good for not having professional tools at our disposal. Little clicks here and there but nothing major. This is the first time Monet and I are doing anything like this, and we’re positive that with more practice we’ll only get better and better.

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NEW DEVELOPMENT: Angry Patrons Radio is now accessible on iTunes!!! Search for us in the iTunes store and you’ll find us or just click on THIS LINK.

ALSO, we are in search of a name for this podcast. Angry Patrons Radio will be devoted to the script workshop, we are merely borrowing the name for now. SO, if you have suggestions for a name PLEASE leave them in the comments or email us at THANKS!

A still from NY's "Sleep No More"

Click here to read the Museum Next article referenced about audience participation.

Click here to find out more about Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit. 

Click here to read Allen Radway’s account of how it feels to be shouted at by an Angry Patron.

If you are a playwright, actor, or director and are interested in participating, here’s a doc I created, the Angry Patrons Radio Bible, so to speak :

Also, Episode #0 is now streaming, where I explain in detail what the fuck APR is all about. For that click here.

Keep an eye out for our inaugural podcast THIS SUMMER!


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  1. Jean says:

    Dag naibbt good stuff you whippersnappers!

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