About Angry Patrons

James and Monet here:

Angry Patrons is a theater initiative in its embryo stage conceived by Monet Hurst-Mendoza and James Daniel Haro. The concept was born in the lobby of the Julia Miles Theater by James and Monet during the Women’s Project’s then-current production of “Freshwater” by Virginia Woolf. After noticing that a few of the patrons in the lobby were disgruntled, the pair started discussing what could be the matter. Maybe they didn’t like their seats? Maybe they didn’t understand the show? Maybe they loved the show a little too much? Perhaps they just needed a hug. Nonetheless, James and Monet fell in love with the idea of the “angry patron.” At that moment the couple decided to one day found and operate a theatre company that produces gut-punching, innovative work that rocks an individual to his/her core, leaves one speechless, and, at times, even a little angry.

There is much to be dissatisfied with in our society; poverty, hunger, inequality, resources that are funneled from those who need to those who want. Theatre has the power to inform conversations and transform consciousness in regards to these issues.  The (future) goal of Angry Patrons is to provide a platform for this kind of theatre and for those who wish to create it with a special eye toward women and artists of color. The company will emphasize developing new works as well as offering a new view on classic and contemporary works. Angry Patrons is also about accessibility and against making anyone feel shamed or unwelcome in an arts environment. We wish to destroy the notion that art is a luxury for the elite. If someone can’t afford a $100 ticket they shouldn’t be turned away.

The Angry Patrons blog was created as the first dip into the Angry Patrons pool for the purpose of writing about theatre both onstage and backstage and sharing information about our mutual and individual artistic endeavors.

We resent the notion that anger is always a sinister emotion.

If no one got angry, then nothing would change.

Anger, when concentrated and controlled, is a powerful catalyst.

We hope you stick around and get angry with us!

Angry Patrons

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